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Over time, blinds gather dust, grease, nicotine, mould and other nasties. Dust and dirt in fabrics and on surfaces weaken the fibres and enamels and not only shorten the life of your blinds but dull their look, all the while forming layers of unhealthy grime.

Give new life to your blinds

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Easy Clean Blinds is your blind cleaning solution.

Protect your most important investment – the people around you. Whether they are your family, your employees, your colleagues or your customers, they deserve the healthier and happier environment that regular blind servicing provides.

Easy Clean Blinds is your blind repair and maintenance solution.

Your blinds will usually give many years of heroic service but when components fail due to age or accidents it is far more cost effective and environmentally responsible to repair blinds than to replace them. Many parts are still available for a variety of blind types and makes.


Easy Clean Blinds is an independent company that for over 25 years has been providing a commitment to quality, reliability and flexibility of service to meet clients’ particular needs.

Our Services

Easy Clean Blinds are experts in the repair and maintenance of all types of blinds:
Slimline, Micro, 50mm, Timber, Vertical, Holland (Roller), Pleated, Roman.

We will remove your blinds, take them to our own facility for cleaning then return and re-install them,
all at a time convenient for you or your operations.


We Provide

  • Friendly and helpful assistance
  • Cleaning, repair and maintenance solutions
  • Same day service for most cleaning and repair jobs
  • Obligation free quotes
  • Extensive metropolitan coverage
  • Ongoing corporate service a speciality
  • Real Estate bond claim & vacating tenancy work
  • Guaranteed service
  • Full insurance cover

We can

  • Re-cord and provide tape replacements
  • Provide gears, cord locks, and other fittings
  • Replace damages blades in an assortment of types and colour to match existing blinds
  • Repair vertical blind tracks
  • Re-configure vertical and venetian blinds to fit office and home renovations
  • Supply and fit new blinds in a wide selection of styles and colour
  • Offer service to a full range of manufacturers window coverings



Our Customers


Busy households

With the hectic home and work schedules who has the time to remove, clean and rehang blinds. Repairs? Mostly on the spot!


Estate Agents and Vacating Tenants

It is usually expected –along with carpets and windows- that blinds will be cleaned before handing back keys to a property. Don’t let Bond Claim issues arise because there is still work to be done. And repairing troublesome blinds becomes a quick and easy activity for landlords and tenants.


The Small Business

You’ve got more important things to do than worry about the dreary job of blind cleaning and repair. Keep your workplace looking and feeling clean and professional with a regular service.


Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning blinds isn’t rocket science but it is a specialty job. Dusting alone doesn’t cut it, and have you ever tried to wipe a blind with a damp cloth! An occasional wash will not only do wonders for the look and operation of a blind but help remove unhealthy and harmful irritants. Isn’t that what cleaning is about?


The Building/Office Manager

If you are responsible for your building or office maintenance programme we are here for you with out of hours service if required, to keep your office environment happier and healthier. Mornings, evenings and weekends can be arranged to minimize disruption to your operations.



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Easy Clean Blinds is a long established Melbourne based company providing a professional cleaning and repair service for commercial, industrial and domestic clients. And if you need some new blinds, we can do that too.

We offer not only a great clean and repair of your blinds but also a prompt, reliable and affordable service.

Easy Clean Blinds prides itself on quality work. We want you to call us again and be so happy with the service that you refer us to family, friends and business colleagues.

We will do everything we can to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.

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Q.How often should blinds be cleaned?

Blind should be cleaned regularly. Generally once a year becomes good practice.

Q. How long does it take to get cleaned blinds back?

Most blinds are collected, cleaned and returned on the same day. Vertical and roman blinds are usually returned the following day.

Q. How quickly can a clean/repair be scheduled?

Depending on the circumstances most jobs would be arranged within 3-5 days.

Q. Can blinds be collected and returned outside of business hours?


Q. How much does it cost to have blinds cleaned?

Type and size play a big part, but generally a typical house or office Venetian or Holland blind costs around $25-$30. Pleated and timber blinds are similar. Vertical and roman blinds usually require quoting. Don’t forget GST

Q. Do I have to be home or on-site for the cleaning?

No, cleaning is done at our own facility. Only pick-up and delivery times need to be arranged.

Q. Does the cleaning of blinds affect their operation?

Yes, it makes them work better.

Q. Do you use environmentally friendly products in your cleaning process?

Only eco-friendly citrus based cleaners are used to clean the blinds.

Q. Can you remove rust?

Simply, no.

Q. Can blinds be repaired on the spot?

Yes, in most cases.



Our Clients

I have personally dealt with Jonathan of Easy Clean Blinds for over 10 years. His Company provides a professional and efficient service. I have used Easy Clean Blinds for my own home and he is a preferred tradesperson for Dixon Kestles Real Estate. Jonathan is a pleasure to deal with, he is courteous, reliable and always professional in his approach to tenants, going out of his way to fit in with their available times. I always recommend Easy Clean Blinds.

Sandy Loney, Residential Portfolio Manager, Dixon Kestles Real Estate